2. A walking sushine

  3. these.eyelashes.

  4. Justina is the dopest lady out there. And yes, she can sing! 

  5. I bumped a car later the day we shot. Probably from being overwhelmed with how fuckin cool and gorgeous she is. 

  6. Couldn’t get this shot out of my head since saw it on the camera screen

  7. NYC romance

  8. My city of chutzpah


  9. I’ve been accepted to the Young Photographers Alliance summer mentoring program and I still can’t believe it is for real. Only ten people from NY area have been selected … and I’m one of them? But I don’t even have a legit website :D

    It is a huge honor for me and I am very happy to meet and learn from other photographers.

  10. I’m into summer’13


  11. Previous time I shot Tammy I forgot my makeup kit so this time I promised I’d bring it and do some magic around. In the middle of it all I realized my hand was shaking too much from lifting that yellow chair so I asked Mariam to help me out. Not only did she do a great job but I also admired her for being such a sympathetic and wonderful human being.  It’s so heart-warming to see people do kind things, especially during your very own short photoshoots. Tammy, thanks for the coffee and Ronen, thanks for the cookies.


  12. We forget how fragile we are

  13. Oh, that’s me!


  14. "It’s not the fame and the glory, it’s the work [that matters]"